In 2014 Neville Patel founded Qualitas Global a Game Testing and Game Development studio.

This was Neville’s 4th entrepreneur venture.  Neville Patel had previously founded his own Advertising and Brands Promotional agency called ‘What An Event!’ which he headed for 9 years. During the Mobile boom in the mid to late 1990s, Neville Patel also started a courier company especially dedicated to Telecom companies to help them send mobile bills to 1000s of their customers monthly. Neville Patel also created and launched a website on an online beauty contest for citizens of Mumbai, which was later bought over by a private investor who pitched this idea to a national level beauty pageant.

As of today, the company that Neville Patel formed in 2014, Qualitas Global now employees more than 500 people in Pune, India.

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